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NeatGlass-icon NEAT enhances your drinking enjoyment and improves your perception and understanding

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NeatGlass-icon Spirits competitions and experts agree NEAT is changing the way the world drinks

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One Glass Delivers The Best Expression for All Spirits

It’s about ABV (alcohol by volume), not the spirit itself.  Why use many non-functional glasses when you only need one that works for all high alcohol spirits. Replace them with NEAT, the glass that outperforms all others.

Science Produces the Ultimate Spirits Glass

Take the NEAT Challenge

Today’s stylized “eye-candy” glassware just doesn’t make the cut.  Is your favorite one of these?  Read the comparison to discover what you’ve been missing.

Raise Your Glass to the Next Dimension of Spirits Enjoyment

 Here’s to understanding the spirits you drink and making better educated choices with NEAT. Cheers!


NEAT intensifies aromas, eliminates alcohol nose burn, enhances every spirit’s unique characteristics, good or bad. NEAT enriches knowledge by broadening your perspective. Are you ready for the tool that helps you separate the spirits you enjoy most from those you’d rather leave behind?

The Neat glass works best with: Rum, scotch, bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, Cognac, Armagnac, brandies, liqueurs, port and more.  Find out what’s been hiding in your glass.

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