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NEAT Medals and Awards

The Experience Presentation Box

NEAT Exp webBeautiful, elegant, well-balanced, Artisan-crafted, mouth-blown imported lead-free crystal.  Eliminates nose burn, magnifies aromas. Works for all spirits; whiskey, scotch, rums, tequilas, vodka, gin, aperitifs, liqueurs, ports, sherry. Designed to hold 1½ oz (regular shot). This is the way your spirits want to be enjoyed.

Double The Experience

NEAT 2 glasses webSame Experience, times two. Beautiful, elegant, well-balanced. Eliminates nose burn, magnifies aromas. Works for all spirits; whiskey, scotch, rums, tequilas, vodka, gin, aperitifs, liqueurs, ports, sherry. The way your spirits want to be enjoyed – with a friend.

NEAT USA – 2 glasses

NEAT 2pak USAYou don’t have to purchase artisan crafted mouth-blown crystal glasses to experience the true aromatic expression of your favorite spirits.  Made in USA, these sturdy glasses in the 2pak perform exactly the same way as “The Experience”, allowing you to enjoy the same aromas at a more affordable price.  A great value, order one or several.

The Experience – Taster’s Tote

Tasters Tote webNEAT in luxurious surroundings. Two Experience glasses, standard black, or custom colors personalized with your initials.  Unisex style. Satin interior with padded cells. Take NEAT anywhere, prepared to enjoy the very best. Lint-free NEAT towel assures glasses are ready for the next flight. Side compartment holds cellphone, tasting notes, pen, or a great cigar. Order directly from

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NeatGlass-icon NEAT enhances your drinking enjoyment, improves perception, knowledge and understanding.

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NeatGlass-icon Spirits competitions and experts agree NEAT is changing the way the world drinks

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One Glass Delivers The Best Expression for All Spirits
It’s all about ABV (alcohol by volume), not the spirit itself.  NEAT works with rum, scotch, bourbon, whiskey, gin, vodka, tequila, Cognac, Armagnac, brandies, liqueurs, port and more.  What’s been hiding in your glass? Here’s how NEAT works.

Take the NEAT Challenge
Today’s stylized “eye-candy” glassware just doesn’t make the functionality cut.  Is your favorite one of these?  Compare to discover what you’ve been missing.

Flare Gives You the Edge, the Edge Gives You Flair

The unique shape carries you to the other side of overpowering alcohol on the nose to explore the deeper, hidden dimension of spirits. Awaken your inner connoisseur and begin making educated choices with NEAT.

Science Produces the Ultimate Spirits Glass
Discover how science and engineering make the difference. 


For the Spirits Lover:  Intensifies aromas, eliminates nose burn, enhances every spirit’s unique characteristics. NEAT broadens your perspective.  NEAT separates those spirits you enjoy most from those you’d rather leave behind.  The best diagnostic tool for making your important buying decisions.  You be the judge

For the Industry:  Raises the quality bar, opens broadens spirits markets to even the most sensitive noses, showcases the best, and improves awareness of top-shelf and special editions.  Changes the way the world drinks for the better, for everyone.

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